White River Primary School Hostel offers an affordable opportunity for parents who stay outside the town of White River to have their children attend a top primary school within the province of Mpumalanga. Boarders stay at the hostel from Sunday evening until Friday afternoon.  The hostel offers a secure environment where children are cared for and provided with 3 home-style meals every day.  There are dedicated staff who supervise the children during their free-time and during study.  The accommodation varies from 4- bed room to larger 8 bedroom rooms.

While at the hostel the boarders are able to attend sport’s practices and cultural activities every day.  The hostel boasts with the following facilities within the hostel complex:  a swimming pool with qualified coaches, netball and tennis facilities, a large dining room and wide open area where the children can play in the afternoons.  The boarders learn independence and good manners.

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This is a facility where parents can leave their children after the normal school day has finished. The facility caters for between 100 -140 children from Gr 1-7.  These learners will be given a light meal prepared by the hostel.  Homework is supervised on a daily basis by 5 teachers.  During their play time outside, they are supervised by 2 teachers. Some Fridays the learners are allowed to enjoy a supervised swim in the school’s pool.

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